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Coaching is globally recognised as one of the key techniques for performance improvement and development of talent across the business.  

The Coaching Leader™ – Origin is an interactive workshop that offers you insight into the essential coaching skills you need to turn everyday conversations into coaching moments while building accountability and developing the people around you.

WHY Coaching?

  • Today’s leaders and managers need to move away from relying on their technical skills and using a ‘telling and directing’ approach and move towards influencing, building relationships and trust, engaging their people and building accountability.

  • Coaching is recognised as one of the key techniques for performance improvement and development of talent cross the business. And has been proven to be the most effective way to increase engagement, innovation, accountability, responsibility and joint problem-solving.

  • You need to equip yourself and your leaders to have coaching conversations all day every day. Almost every conversation in the workplace is an opportunity to coach. From ‘have you got a minute?’, to feedback, to performance reviews, team meetings and much more.


This Program is Ideal for
– Executive Leaders
– Senior Leaders
– Emerging Leaders
– Expert
– Trainers
– Mentors
– Coaches
– Consultants

When I’m working with leaders, experts, mentors, trainers, coaches and consultants, I commonly find they want and need help to develop the following key areas of leadership coaching practice:

  • How to develop a coaching self-awareness and apply this to action plans;
  • How to coach other people to achieve great results;
  • How to manage workplace relationships and create workplace effectiveness;
  • How to build rapport in the workplace amongst individuals and teams;
  • How to create and foster supportive attitudes, values and beliefs within the workplace to ensure corporate goals are achieved in alignment with personal values;
  • How to manage conflict, difficult conversations and negotiations;
  • How to give and receive effective feedback and build relationships in the workplace;
  • How to design and implement coaching programs across an organisation;
  • How to facilitate executive coaching programs;
  • How to create and sustain a coaching culture;
  • How to identify values, beliefs, and behaviours that enable the successful introduction of corporate strategy;
  • How to create and measure real and sustainable change through coaching; and
  • How to coach individuals and teams to achieve high performance.

Discover Coaching Leadership

  • Discover what coaching is, and is not, and when to coach in the workplace
  • Understand how you can integrate a coaching approach into your management/leadership style
  • Gain some coaching tools that you can implement immediately in your workplace
  • Discover new ways to bring out the best in your people and elevate performance
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The Coaching Leader™️- Origin includes:

  • The Coaching Leader™ – Origin Workshop LIVE Online
  • Coaching in the Workplace Video Series
  • Workshop Materials
  • The Leadership Stretch
  • 5 Powerful Questions
  • The Three R’s of Leadership
  • Leadership Performance Boost – 28 Day Self Coaching Challenge

Dr Stacey Ashley CSP is a Leadership Visionary.

Big Leadership.

Leaders with big vision, who challenge the status quo, make bold decisions, and take brave action, create the future.

Our world needs Big Leadership.

To lead this marathon of change, leaders must navigate the complexities of globalization, technological advancement, social interconnectivity, hybrid work, massively accelerating change, a multi-generational workforce and more.

With over 30 years’ experience, Stacey has helped 1000’s to develop their leadership competence, confidence, and credibility.

The author of six Amazon #1 best-selling books about leadership, Stacey has a talent for translating complex concepts into simple & practical ideas for immediate application.

Stacey is obsessed with possibility, and helping leaders to create a future of possibility.

She typically speaks at conferences, develops leadership strategy and programs, consults and coaches.

She helps CEOs and their teams:

✓ Build the practical foundations for effective leadership
✓ Get out of the trenches, to lead strategically and with influence
✓ Transition quickly and effectively to leading larger, more complex portfolios
✓ Effectively lead change and transformation
✓ Develop a coaching toolkit and approach
✓ Create a leadership coaching capability



I learned a lot at The Coaching Leader Origin Workshop, but the section on Corporate Cascade really stood out for me.

The workshop group was large enough to have diverse opinions, yet small enough that is felt intimate and personal. I learned new things, and also a new way to explain concepts I already understood but was struggling to explain to others.

It was a great workshop!

Chantal Atkinson
Chantal AtkinsonFinance and Human Resources Manager, Capital Veneering

I have just finished 5 days of training with Stacey Ashley on The Coaching Leader program to become a qualified coach. It is such a pleasure to write this testimonial for Stacey as I enjoyed the 5 days so much. Usually, this is a 5-day intense course done in Sydney, but due to Covid and no travel, Stacey turned it into an online program, which if I am honest I was a little nervous about. I wondered how I would go on a screen, so focused as there is a lot of content to take in for 8 hours at a time.

It was absolutely fantastic! Stacey is so organised, efficient and aware of your energy levels. She seemed to know when to break, when to change from learning to coaching and instead of drained at the end of each day, I was so energised. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and would recommend it to anyone thinking of developing their coaching skills as a leader or professional coach.

So a little about what I loved about Stacey’s style. She has had a huge life experience, so her knowledge and stories to help you relate to different circumstances and outcomes were very valuable. She’s incredibly good at what she does, she is patient, empathetic, encouraging and gives such good feedback to help you be the best you can be. She has a great sense of humour which is important to me as I don’t do boring, it takes the fun away for me.

The course is so well laid out, so easy to use and follow, so much incredibly good content that I started using immediately in my own practice. I got more out of these 5 days than I could of hoped for and I thank Stacey very much for making it such an enjoyable experience. I would recommend Stacey as 5 out of 5 stars if there is such a rating.

Tracey Mathers
Tracey MathersManaging Director, Tracey Mathers Pty Ltd

I highly recommend The Coaching Leader to anyone who is leading in any capacity or has a passion to lead. My initial intention in undertaking the program was really about personal growth with the hope that I might glean a few insights to help me feel more confident in leading people. However, the information and tools and skills I have developed have far exceeded my expectations. After 5 intensive days, I have the foundational skills to help people come up with solutions that they have been able to find themselves to a multitude of different scenarios.

While Stacey is very professional, she is also authentic with a great sense of humour and generous with her thoughts and knowledge. The opportunity to meet different people in vastly different fields has also been wonderful and highly valuable. I have been very energised to continue to grow as a coaching leader!

Tanya Doody
Tanya DoodyGroup Leader & Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO

Stacey Ashley brings a great deal to Coach training! Her expertise in training, her teaching style and her mastery of coaching, engage all participants with deep learning.

I am incredibly impressed with her ability to steer individuals, groups or teams using her vast repertoire of coaching tools to seek, explore and take responsibility for their goals and corresponding outcomes.

Stacey, thank you for sharing this expertise. I cannot wait to continue further coach training because of your input!

Kathryn Harden-Thew
Kathryn Harden-ThewLecturer, Learning, Teaching & Curriculum at University of Wollongong.