Jun 09

The Jane Anderson Show- Stacey Ashley talks about your name and your business

The Jane Anderson Show- Stacey Ashley talks about your name and your business

Jane Anderson chats with Stacey Ashley

Jane explores the advantages of having your name on the business. Such as ‘Ashley Consulting’. Allowing people to be able to find you very easily. Building a personal connection and building rapport with people is so important with what Stacey does. So having the business name allow her to start building trust  straight away.


The Jane Anderson Show

The Jane Anderson Show Self Branding for Big Impact. Expert Jane Anderson passes on her knowledge and passion for marketing, branding and a whole lot more. Tim Ferris & Anthony Robbins are the best 2 examples of Branding. Interviews and episode on specific topics to help people who need to stand out in the business world. If you are trying to crack the corporate market, running a business for a few years and wanting to go to 6 -7 figures in income. Jane can help you….


About The Author

Stacey Ashley works with Leaders building high performing teams, Leaders who coach and Professional coaches to develop their coaching skills, and create the confidence and courage to make a difference in their own way. She is a champion of workplace coaching culture and a regular speaker on happiness at work, complete leadership and mBraining. e | info@ashleyconsulting.com.au p | 02 8006 1733

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