The Stevie Awards – How Did I Make The Decision To Go?

The Stevie Awards – How Did I Make The Decision To Go?

I’ve just returned to Australia after attending the Stevie Awards in Las Vegas. I’ve, literally, been home for a couple of hours after a 15-hour flight from Los Angeles. It’s been an enormous week and I am extremely jet-lagged right now. And so, this is a little bit of stream of consciousness.

The last time I entered the Stevie Awards for Women in Business was in 2019. Since then it has been a very big couple of years, personally and professionally. When I reflected on it, I thought, “Yes, maybe it is time to enter the awards again.” So months ago, I decided to put my submission in for this year’s Stevie Awards.

I have done a huge amount in recent years, which I rediscovered when I was preparing the documents for submission. A huge amount of work, I have supported a large number of clients, made real progress in key areas, and achieved a lot of significant milestones. The simple process of reflecting on all of this and capturing it was valuable in itself.

The other reason that I wanted to enter The Stevie’s in 2022 was to measure for myself the progress I have made since the last time I entered. I am a big believer in being better today than yesterday. And so, this was a good way for me to understand the progress that I have made.

If you do not know what the Stevie Awards are, they are like the Academy Awards for business. They are a global business award that recognises business excellence in a range of fields. There are a variety of award programs including the International Business Awards and the Stevie Awards for Women in Business. This year, I entered both of these. I won two bronze awards in the International Business Awards earlier in the year, and that encouraged me to submit for the Women in Business Awards.

The Stevie Awards Logo

When I heard in September that I was a finalist in two categories, Thought Leader of the Year and Coach of the Year, for the Women In Business awards I was pretty pleased. And then, I had a dilemma. The dilemma was whether to go and attend the Stevie Awards Gala dinner, which this year was being held in Las Vegas, or not.

It is a big decision for anyone who has their own business to take time out, and you have to weigh up a lot of factors. My initial decision was that I would not go, and I gave myself a whole list of reasons not to go. In fact, I felt guilty about even considering attending the gala dinner and awards.

And then, I challenged myself on this decision because if not now, when? If it was not this time when would be the right time for me to give myself permission to go, to enjoy the recognition, to enjoy the process of being a finalist at the awards? So I chose to reframe my reasons not to go.

🤚 Reason not to go: The considerable expense.
🖼️ Reframe: An investment in marketing and positioning on a world stage.

🤚 Reason not to go: My children need me.
🖼️Reframe: This is a great opportunity for them to operate independently, with support from grandparents if needed. And I am being a role model for them.

🤚 Reason not to go: I am so busy.
🖼️ Reframe: I can make clear choices about where to focus myself for the most impact and still take time out. My team will keep everything going.

🤚 Reason not to go: I have client commitments.
🖼️ Reframe: My clients will understand everyone needs a holiday, even me, and be happy to reschedule if required.

🤚 Reason not to go: My team needs me.
🖼️ Reframe: My team are so capable, and this will give them the opportunity to grow further. I am only a text message away if they need any support or urgent question answered.

And so, after considerable reflection, I did decide to attend, and this is some of what I gained by making the decision to go, by giving myself permission to experience the Stevie Awards in person.

⭐ I had something to look forward to… an opportunity.
⭐ I created hope for myself. Anticipation, enjoyment, and memories.
⭐ I am tired after the last few years, and this was an opportunity for a real change of pace. A break from my normal routine.
⭐ It was time away, to get off the merry-go-round. Time to stop and smell the roses.
⭐ I did stop and reflect on just what I have achieved over the last couple of years.
⭐ It was a reward for me
⭐ It was a celebration.
⭐ I spent real time and effort to recognise my progress and contribution.
⭐ This was valuable acknowledgement – the Stevies are independently judged by judges from around the world.
⭐ The process recognises I have made a difference and am part of a collective of the best of the best. When you work in your own business the opportunity to get feedback is limited. I thrive on feedback and recognition, so this was a great opportunity for me to fill my own cup.
⭐ A wonderful opportunity to be surrounded by others in their greatness, doing amazing things, being aspirational, making a difference in the world. This is inspiration for me.
⭐ It was an opportunity to connect beyond my current network, both with other Australians and people from many other countries.
⭐ I have never been to Los Angeles or Las Vegas. And I am loving travelling again.
⭐ When I do something different, and stop being immersed in my own routines, I get more creative and come up with ideas for myself, my tribe, and my business.
⭐ It was an opportunity for my team to grow, in my absence.
⭐ And much more.

When I made the decision to attend the Stevies, I did not know whether I would win Bronze, Silver, or Gold Awards. The decision to go was already a win for me.

The results are now in, you might have seen them. If not, here they are. In the category of Thought Leader of the Year – Business Services, I won a Bronze Award. In the category of Coach of the Year – Business Services, I won Silver. I am pretty excited by those results in world-class company.

The Stevies Awards 2022_Results - Stacey Ashley

But more importantly, the experience itself was amazing, and I am so glad that I gave myself permission to have this experience. As leaders, we need to fill our cups at every opportunity. We need to remember to first lead ourselves and to role model for others.

Does your cup need a refill?

What are you role modelling at the moment?

I’d love to know your thoughts.

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