A Leadership visionary, Dr Stacey Ashley CSP typically speaks at conferences, develops leadership strategy and programs, and consults and coaches.

Stacey shares simple, practical & actionable ideas for developing Big Leadership in a VUCA world, coaching in the workplace, resilient leadership, and leading possibility. Helping leaders move from reactive to strategic leadership.

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2023 International Women’s Day
Accounting Innovators Australia

Stacey’s Keynote on Big Leadership

2022 Stevie Awards Women in Business

Stacey’s acceptance speech

2022 Stevie Awards Women in Business

Stacey’s interview following the Awards ceremony

Speaking at Accounting Innovators Australia
IWD 2023

These universal leadership and people skills will enable you to participate and contribute to leading change in creating the future.

Speaking at Accounting Innovators Australia
IWD 2023

Every single day is an opportunity to lead. Leadership in particular is something that each of us can contribute to every single day.

Speaking at Accounting Innovators Australia
IWD 2023

No one knows what the future really is going to be. We get to create it.

You have to seize the opportunity.

Speaking at World Coaching Congress

Why talk about coaching in the workplace?
I share 2 reasons how coaching in the workplace will benefit you and your team.

Panelist at ICAI – IWD 2021

How can we all support and encourage and develop and grow the people around us rather than stifling their potential?

Speaking at the Camilla National Retail Conference

A couple of reasons why as a leader, you need to be having one on ones with your people.

Stacey shares…

One way to fast track your leadership is by asking questions.

How do you find the right questions to ask?

Watch this short video.

Stacey shares…

Did you know that you can make your contribution at work by doing the things you love?

Discover your Zone of Genius by asking yourself these 3 questions.

Stacey shares…

How do you fast-track your leadership?

What can you do to start stepping up your leadership now?

Watch this video to find out how.

Stacey shares…

The clothes you wear impact how you feel and how you behave.

You can influence your productivity and performance with your wardrobe choices.

Stacey shares…

Leading Possibility for me is about leading into the future.

Watch this short video where I share more about how leaders can lead possibility.

Stacey shares…

Really great leaders focus specifically and only on the important.

Watch this short video as to how they are able to do just.

Stacey shares…

With the ever-changing work environments, we find ourselves in these days, are you set up to lead?

Watch this short video to see exactly what I mean.

Speaking at Smart Procurement Indaba Conference

So what are 3 Principles of Great Leadership?

Watch this short video to find out.

Stacey shares…

Here are a couple of things to consider when looking to use a coaching approach as a key to leading transformation.

Watch this video.

Speaking at COMPTIA ANZ Conference 2020

I believe that setting these 3 P’s up will build the environmental foundation in which your people can begin to operate effectively.

Stacey shares…

What can we do to optimise your team members’ potential when they don’t want to take on a formal leadership role? Here are some ideas.

Speaking at COMPTIA ANZ Conference 2020

How have leaders responded to this period of turbulence? There are 3 distinct types of leadership response.

Stacey shares…

How do you find your focus for how to develop yourself as a leader? Watch this short video to find out how.

Panelist at Women Business Leaders Conference

3 Key things that I would like to share with you today so that you can start to think – How do I First Lead Myself?

Stacey shares…

How do you learn about leadership, your leadership, so that you can take it to the next level and opportunity?

Speaking at the Women Business Leadership Conference, WICCI

If you can see it, you can be it.
How do you apply this concept in leadership?

Speaking at the APAC Coaching Fiesta

Here are 3 key questions you need to ask yourself to help you get back and operate in your zone of genius.


Leadership is more than just holding a title. It is a way of being. How do you practice leadership?

Speaking with the Training Dr, Dr Nanette Miner

This is for new and aspiring leaders who want to use a coaching approach in their leadership role. Here are my 3 big tips to help you prepare for your role ahead.

Speaking at the APAC Coaching Fiesta

As a leader and a coach, how do you develop your own leadership? In this video, I share with you the foundations of leadership which makes a great basis for us to lead from as individuals and coaches.

Speaking with the Training Dr, Dr Nanette Miner

Why is Coaching an Important Skill for Any Leader to Have? Here are a couple of reasons why you need this skill as a leader.

Stacey shares:

As a leader, you are a finite resource and you must invest yourself wisely.
So ask yourself this question,

“What is the most important thing for me to be doing right now?”

Speaking at the APAC Coaching Fiesta

Elevating your own practice of leadership and coaching is about First Leading Yourself.

Here are a couple of concepts that I think will help you to elevate your practice of leadership and coaching.

Stacey shares:

A simple activity to help you track where you are right now. You will be able to identify your gaps and opportunities which will then allow you to fill your own cup so that you are able to lead and show up at your best.

Stacey shares:

✅ Too busy?
✅ Not getting to the strategic things?
✅ Not sure if you’re adding value?

These two questions will help you stay focused on the right things in your leadership role.

Speaking with the Training Dr, Dr Nanette Miner

As a leader, it can be overwhelming if you feel like you need to be the expert at everything and know the answer to everything.

One of the advantages of coaching is that you relieve yourself of that burden.

Stacey shares:

Are you a leader who marks homework?

Here’s what you need to do so that you can
✅ build your team’s capability and accountability
✅ empower your team, and
✅ focus on doing your job as a leader.

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