Want some quick tips to elevate your leadership?

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Want some quick tips to elevate your leadership?

This week I’ve spent a few days sharpening the saw. Exploring the latest online learning and facilitation techniques with some of the world’s best.

One key thing I was reminded of is the importance of changing state to optimise learning. Changing your own state as the leader or facilitator and changing the state of your audience and participants. Change grabs attention.

Regularly changing your state results in the potential for higher energy levels, increased motivation, and engagement, and consequently, more follow-through from learning to implementation. Which in turn, creates more change, more progress, more opportunity, and improved outcomes. As leaders, this is exactly what we want to sponsor.

In keeping with the theme of changing state to elevate outcomes, this week I’m changing it up. Rather than sending you an article to read, I’m sharing a link to some of my quick tips video clips. In these short videos, I share key ideas that you can implement straight away for yourself and when working with your team.

Here is a sample of my video topics:

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