When You Just Need A WIN

When You Just Need A WIN

This is what I am hearing from CEOs and their teams. They:

Are very busy.
Have lots of priorities.
Are feeling overwhelmed.
Have vulnerable leadership pipeline.
Are finding it challenging to stay relevant and current.
Are not sure where to concentrate their efforts.
Have significant change and transformation ongoing.
Just need some space to breathe and think, to figure out right next step.
Need to remove reliance on them and their expertise.
Have big growth plans and need to mature the leadership capability in their organisation for this.
Need to give their teams some relief.
Have need to communicate the important things better.
Have big opportunities and need to accelerate the activity to take advantage of them.

And CEOs say to me ‘What I need is ….’ and ‘Would you come and work with me and my team and do what you do.’

So, I developed a program to do just this. Help you get the WIN.

When you are reflecting to yourself you might think, what I need is:

  • The space to do some quality thinking and I need someone to challenge and stretch my thinking, broaden my vision, and get some horizon thinking going.
  • A sounding board to bounce ideas off. I need to create greater clarity for myself, so I can create shape, form, and process and bring a more solid plan into play. A plan I can share with my executive team, so they can move to implementation and execution to achieve the important goals.
  • Someone to bolster my accountability to myself. Someone who will keep me honest, keep me on the path, and ensure I regularly reflect that this path is still valid as new information and insight comes in.
  • Help to elevate my executive leadership team to where this team needs to be operating in order for me, the CEO, to be able to deliver. Ensuring that everybody on the Executive team has the capability and competence to support their individual portfolios and the holistic purpose, mission, and vision they need to deliver together.
  • Someone to sense-check me, or to help you make sense of what is going on in my organisation, and then help me figure out what I need to do next in order to make progress.
  • To create a succession plan for myself.
  • The space for someone to listen who is not inside the business. Someone who has no organisational agenda, to help me create some objectivity in my thinking.
  • To elevate myself and my leadership. I need to redefine who I am as a leader and then become this leader so I can do the really important, big, significant, influential, impactful things that I have in front of me.
  • A bit of help focusing on the right things because I can’t see the forest for the trees at the moment.
  • To have some critical conversations with my team.
  • To develop the leadership talent pipeline across the organisation.
  • To work with my leadership team to develop our strategic thinking.
  • To get my head on straight. To stop mucking around and get on with things.
  • Someone to help me bring back the energy to my leadership.
  • I’m not really sure, but I know I need something.

Now, the people I work with are already high performers. They are already doing a great job, though it may be taking more effort than they would like. To plateau is not in their nature, and it is also not the way to create the future. These individuals recognise that plateauing is a recipe to lose currency, to lose relevance, and to lose control over their destiny, their future. Not only for themselves, but also for their people, their teams, and their organisation.

So, commercially savvy leaders are always looking at how they can become the leader they need to be to create that pathway forward, to make progress and be building a future. They keep an eye on the horizon, even when things are going spectacularly well today. Not only are they focused on what is required right now to keep us afloat, to keep us functioning, to keep us operational, they also have an eye on the horizon for, what do we need to build? Where do we need to create capability? What do we need to be thinking about? What else?

These individuals have a now and future perspective.

This program comes in Small, Medium, and Large. So, like Goldilocks, you get to choose what is ‘just right’ for you.

From 1/2 day for brainstorming, visioning, questioning & listening, facilitated strategic planning, or detailed unpacking of what you need. Right through to 12 months priority access to Stacey.

To find out more about The WIN Program for CEOs, we start with a short conversation to figure out what you need, and whether we will work well together.

You can book in your call here: https://calendly.com/staceyashley/complimentary

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