Why Coaching In The Workplace?

Why Coaching In The Workplace?

Why Coaching In The Workplace?


Hi, it’s Stacey Ashley from @ashleycoaching and today I’m going to talk about why coaching in the workplace versus coaching in other scenarios.

For me coaching in the workplace is a massive opportunity. We know that coaching creates opportunities for people to be their best, to do their best. And coaching in the workplace for me just makes sense because that’s where we spend such a massive part of our lives, so why would we not want to do our best and be our best in that situation.

As a coach or a leader who coaches you’ve got the potential to have and to create and to make a massive impact, not just on the individuals that you’re coaching, but also the people that work with them. You can have a really far reaching effect.

I think the other thing that for me is so appealing about coaching in the workplace is that there’s such variety. I can coach leaders. I can coach teams. We can do quality coaching in say a call centre. We can apply coaching to projects, working with executive teams. There’s so much breadth and variety it’s an incredibly appealing field to me. But also in terms of being a leader who coaches, of course everybody that you interact with. You can influence, you can impact, you can create opportunities for learning and growth and better choices, and I think that’s really exciting.

The final thing for me that I think is so incredibly exciting about workplace coaching is that when you’re coaching in that environment, that workplace situation, you have the opportunity to make a difference so that all those things (whether you’re actually still operating as a leader in the workplace or whether maybe you’ve left and you’re providing coaching services back) you can make a difference to all of those things that just don’t work for you, the things that in the extreme that you really hate or that annoy and frustrate you. You get the opportunity to actually make a difference and create different outcomes through your coaching or your leadership style with a coaching flavour.

For me that’s incredibly powerful and it gives you a massive responsibility but also you’ve now got a toolkit of coaching skills to be able to support and deliver on that responsibility, and I for one think that that’s totally amazing.

It’s Stacey Ashley. As you can see I love this field of workplace and business coaching, and I sure hope that you’re doing as much coaching as possible in the workplace.

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