Workplace Coaching Tip- How to manage interruptions

Workplace Coaching Tip- How to manage interruptions

Hey, it’s Stacey Ashley here, and today I want to share a quick workplace coaching tip about how to manage interruptions with you.

It’s about all those moments when people come up and interrupt you when you’re in the middle of something important. And they might say something like “Have you got a minute? Can you help me with this? Could you look this over?” And you really want to help them, but you really want to do your own work as well. So this is a great quick technique to offer them some help without it taking 25 minutes, so that you can get back to your important work.

And it’s just using the grow model, with four key questions. So, the grow model, G-R-O-W, it just helps us to move the conversation forward quickly, with, as I said, four key questions.

So let’s start with the G, G is for goal, so the type of question that you might ask once you’ve had that interruption, or that “Have you got a minute?” You might just simply ask what would they like to achieve? Or what’s their goal here?

And once they answer, then you can move into the R, and R is for reality. And a question you could ask here is “What’s happening?” Or “What’s happening now?” Now of course they share that information, and then you move them quickly into the O stage.

O is for options, and a question that you could ask here is “What are your options?” Or “What options do you have to move one step forward,” if it’s a pretty chunky situation. And so then they can tap into their knowledge and their expertize and their initiative to come up with some ideas.

And then finally, once they’ve got those brainstormed ideas, you can move into the W, or what will you do stage. So that’s the question, “What will you do?” Or “What will you do now?” And they can choose which of their options they’d like to move forward with, and then simply they can go back to their work and so can you.

So I hope you find this useful, it’s a great practical little way of helping people, as well as yourself, to quickly get back to your work. I’d love to hear how you go.


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