Strategies for Savvy Leaders
To Show Up Online
With Confidence and Credibility

Stacey Ashley - You're On Mute

About the Author

Four-time International Stevie Award winner, LinkedIn Top Voice and nine-time Telstra Business and Women’s Awards Nominee, Dr Stacey Ashley CSP is a high-performance leadership expert.

Obsessed with possibility, Stacey helps leaders to navigate the complexities of globalisation, technological advancement, social interconnectivity, massively accelerating change and a multi-generational workforce. A heart-centred leader, Stacey has helped thousands to develop their leadership competence, confidence and credibility.

She typically speaks at conferences, runs workshops, consults and coaches.

Strategies for Savvy Leaders
To Show Up Online
With Confidence and Credibility


As the world scrambled to move business operations online with the outbreak of COVID, and people were challenged to become familiar with a new way of working, ‘You’re On Mute’ became one of the most used phrases in business around the globe.

Now two years later, it’s no laughing matter. With more than half of employees wanting to work remotely at least 50% of the time, and more than 75% of departments expected to have some or all of their team working remotely within the next few years, online is a significant feature of the world of work.

Leveraging online is strategically significant, and likely mission critical, for creating sustainable and relevant organisations. Yet many leaders have either failed to recognise the importance of  operating effectively online or failed to take decisive action.

Are you still on mute?

This book asks the important questions to help you optimise your leadership presence, influence, and authority online.


Stacey Ashley has provided me with education, support, encouragement and inspiration in workplace coaching and leadership for many years. From participating in her excellent webinars and other learning events, to reading her leadership books, Stacey continues to challenge me to lift my leadership and coaching game. I thoroughly recommend Stacey to any leader who wants to embed coaching into their worklife and take their leadership practice to the next level. Thanks, Stacey and I look forward to your next book.

Shaun Kelly
Systems & Data Analyst/Developer at IP Australia

I really like how you intertwine emotion with direction, it means a lot to me to hear a leader say that, I don’t believe it is referenced enough in the workplace.

Paula Laing
Human Resources Manager, Mildura Airport

I read Show Up21 over the weekend and it provided me a couple of good reminders given the turbulent period we have been through over the past 18 months.  Specifically, it reminded me about fostering connection, which I have let lapse with parts of my network over the past 18 months.  Also, block out the noise.  There has been so much noise and it is interesting that whilst I have been reinforcing to my people to block out the noise, I have let more in than I should have. So thank you for the reminders. This is a valuable resource and I think will become dog-eared as a reinforcement mechanism.  It also validates the point that there is value in simplicity – there is no need to write a 300 page treatise when a short sharp message can be presented.

Jordan Gibbons
Managing Director, Assure Worldwide