BIG LEADERSHIP 2024: How Ready Are You to Lead the Future?

BIG LEADERSHIP 2024: How Ready Are You to Lead the Future?

I have had a whirlwind few weeks, travelling, learning, working with clients, and winning a few awards. It has sparked high levels of energy and creativity. So, today I am very excited to reveal some of what I have planned for 2024, to support you, and your people.

My Signature speaking topic for 2024 is The Future Proofed CEO.

This is based on my most recent book Big Leadership, How CEOs Create The Future.

CEOs have an enormous responsibility. As a world, we face a new complex of challenges and opportunities, and we need leaders to lead us through them. The expectations of leadership have evolved. No longer only about decision making, critical thinking and delivering a strategic plan, but a fuller, more wholistic, and human approach to leadership. Leadership that has greater perspective, considering both tactical solutions and strategic relevance. Leadership that is a true reflection of what a community needs to support and lead them now and into the future.

What got us here, will not get us there. We need bigger thinking. We need bolder decision making. We need brave action designed to create the future.

This signature session cascades into a range of leadership related speaker topics including:

➤ Leading Possibility

➤ Why Aren’t You Coaching Yet? Transform Your Organisation With Coaching.

➤ Power Up, Strategies for Nurturing Your Leadership Energy, Outlook & Wellbeing

➤ The Future Proofed Leader

➤ 3 Keys to Great Leadership During Turbulence & Emergency

➤ First Lead Your Self, The Being of Leadership

➤ Leading with Heart, Using Your Multiple Brains to do Cool Stuff

➤ Lessons In Leadership, And Why You Should Be Sharing Them

➤ Know – Love – Contribute, Your leadership Zone of Genius

➤ Composure on The Ball, Creating the Space to Lead

➤ An Eye On The Horizon, Critical Future Focus

I would love the opportunity to design a keynote, masterclass, workshop, event, retreat, facilitated conversation, or comprehensive leadership development program for you.

We are actively scheduling events and programs for 2024 and 2025.

Get in touch now to find out more about the opportunity to work together and create the future.

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