Why You Should GROW Your Interruptions

Why You Should GROW Your Interruptions

Why You Should GROW Your Interruptions

Hi, it’s Stacey Ashley here from ashleycoaching.com.au. Today I’m going to teach you how to manage your interruptions using a really simple model.

Interruptions, people have them everyday, multiple interruptions. If you didn’t know already, it takes you a really long time to get back to your work. In some cases, up to about 25 minutes and that’s time that you don’t have to spare.

Let me teach you the Grow Model which is a really great and quick way to shorten those conversations and get people to step up and actually own the problem and the situation that they’re trying to hand over to you. And we really want to help people to grow and to be accountable.




  • G is for goal.
  • R is for reality.
  • O is for options.
  • W is for way forward.

When you get that interruption, that question like, “Have you got a minute? Do you have some time for me?”, then you can use some questions against that G-R-O-W to help people to solve their own problems or situations.

A good example of a question for the goal is, “What would you like to achieve or what’s your goal around this?” Hopefully, they will come up with a great answer.

Reality, “What’s happening now?” So the person can fill you in on what’s really going on.

Options, you can ask, “So what options have you got to move just one step forward?” And that means that you’re tapping in and they’re tapping in to their experience, their skills and their knowledge, and using their initiative to solve this particular situation.

Finally, W, “So what will you do?” This is getting them to take action, make a commitment to move forward, and actually carry away this situation and solve it for themselves.

That means that you’re freed up to go back to work and instead of a 25 minute conversation you’ve probably had somewhere between a two and a five minute conversation so that’s been great for both of you.

If you like this quick tip on how to use GROW to manage your interruptions, then please leave a comment below.